The Day of the Week, According to my Pillbox

Vitamin B-12. Vitamin D (4,000 iu). A raw multi, 2 of ’em. A probiotic. Milk Thistle, to protect my liver (’cause I come from a long line of liquor-likers, and I like it me’self). Fish oil.  Primrose seed oil.  Spirulina.  Glucosamine.  Everyday.

I had to buy myself one of those weekly pill case/dispenser/travel tote/organizer things recently.  Mostly, it was so that I would be able to remind myself to hit my pills regularly.  Because, like any B-12 deficient, liquor-liking kid, I forget things sometimes.

So, I keep the pillbox in my backpack with my laptop.  It’s the kind most often used for sight-challenged elderlies with joint issues: each day of the week is LARGELY (with giant Ms and huge Fs) lettered and just the slightest tap on each day’s tab pops the door up, allowing whomever to access the pills.  Which is super handy.  Except for when a vagrant falls down into me on the train to work and hits my bag just so and, unknowingly, somehow, unlocks one of my days (again, LARGELY lettered) and all of my pills fall down into the cavern of my backpack and then I have to fish them out.  Which happens.


I caught myself losing a word.  Pronunciation.  And definition.  I couldn’t find it.  But I knew that I knew it.  And how to properly place it.  I was trying to make a sentence, and I couldn’t.


We had this stupid team-building work exercise the other day where we had to pick a specific colored candy out of a bowl.  There were three of them.  Three colors.  I picked the color about travel destinations.  I said that the Oregon Coast was my favorite–because my family spent years there, always at Christmas, which for me, was great because I was a SoCal kid and it was lovely to see the fog wrapping around the rocks on the beach the way that it did, and there was that time with the construction paper Christmas tree and my sister’s fingers being pecked-off by the seagulls–but that my Dream Vacation is Barcelona, which may or may not have something to do with Hemingway and then I said:

Because it’s all about that Iceberg.  You know?  The top 10% of it is what we tell and the rest of that 90% is all under water, but is really about our shared experience and it’s that thing that we don’t really need to ever talk about.  Because we all know all about it. Right?

And they all looked at me, jaws slung.


On Mondays, I take an extra D.

On Tuesdays, I read.

On Wednesday, I take an extra B-12.  In the morning, in traffic.

On Thursday, I don’t do much.

On Friday, I take myself to lunch and have a pint or two.

On Saturday, recently, I take my dog with me for a two-mile walk along Soos Creek.

On Sunday, I go back to work.

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